Covid-19 is a viral infection now confirmed as pandemic infection that is affecting many countries in the world. People who are vulnerable, those with existing health conditions that affects breathing and heart function, people who are immobile and those with lowered immunity but any person can have the infection. The actions we are taking:

We  are reviewing our visiting policy in line with advice from our commissioners and the Public Health England. Clients are advised to  practice social distancing and to wear face mask when going out in the community.

Actions to take when not well; Staff to keep an eye on all clients, encourage clients to remain in their rooms if they have flu symptoms, phone 111 and follow the advice they give. Covid-19 is a threat to every person’s health. Keep listening and watching the news for government advice.

Encourage good hand washing hygiene with soap and water after using the toilet, before and after touching food .

Avoid hugging and touching other people



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